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Seashore Construction Corporation ImagesIf you are a new or longtime homeowner, hearing an Avalon roofer say the words "roof damage" is not something you want to hear. You immediately see money draining from your savings account and can think of many better ways to spend it than on your roof. Either way, large investments like a home require money to maintain and make them safe for years to come.

Most asphalt roofs will last about 20 years and sometimes less from weather deterioration!!

There are a few things you should pay attention to concerning your roof. The first one is missing shingles. Over time, heavy winds can loosen the edges of your shingles and eventually get beneath and tear them right off of your roof. Wind damage often occurs in one segment of your roof or on an entire side of your home that has been exposed to the most powerful winds. This leaves the roofing underlayment and decking exposed which will allow water to enter and wreak havoc inside of your home.

Step two is to inspect the trees surrounding your house that could cause major structural damage to it. Storms and heavy winds can indirectly damage your roof by blowing tree branches or even an entire tree onto your roof. Structural damage from severe impacts can vary from small penetrations in the shingles, underlayment, and decking, all the way up to an entire roof collapse.

Next, we have shingle damage. Asphalt roof shingles can show signs of damage just because of their age. In other instances, damage happens from other various factors. Warped, curled and torn shingles can be caused by wind, foot traffic, or poor attic ventilation. Older shingles frequently become brittle and are more prone to damage from impact.

These are all indications that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced!!

Shingles that are losing their protective granules will not only start to look worn down, but they will also age prematurely when they are exposed to direct sunlight. One last important thing to watch for is nail pops. This is when the roofing nails are pushed up through the shingles and can cause a leaky roof.

Lastly, there are roof leaks. Water can penetrate your roofing through a hole made by a popped nail, missing shingles, punctures, etc. It can also get into your home around damaged and/or unsealed flashing, or from water backing up behind an ice dam. Roof leaks can be complicated. Water can travel great distances from its point of entry so having a premier local roofing contractor that you can call is the most reliable option if you are experiencing a roof leak in your home.


The list keeps going, but If this is beginning to sound far too complicated then we have the best solution for you. Call Seashore Construction Corporation today to schedule your FREE comprehensive inspection. As a GAF Master Elite Certified roofer, we have come across, repaired, and installed all of the possible roofing situations that are possible. We take great pride in making your home safer while giving it the best curb appeal on your block. Schedule your roof inspection today and allow our team of experts to do the rest!

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